Monday, December 19, 2011

Daily Survey Panel

Daily Survey Panel is another legitimate survey site. It is an easy and straight forward site to do surveys. They have numerous daily surveys to qualify for and pay 75 cents to 1.00 for each survey. They work on a points system and 200 points is $1.00. They pay by Pay Pal and your funds are in your account the next day. Best part, they have $1.00 cash out minimum. I did have some problems with surveys being credited in the beginning but after contacting customer service by email, they credited my account each time, no questions asked, within a day.

Surveys:  10-12 daily surveys. Email reminders every day for each survey. 
Points:  200 points = $1.00. Typically, each survey is worth 100-200 points.
Payment Type:  $1.00 minimum cash out. Pay Pal or Gift Certificates. Pay Pal credits in one day. 
Minimun Age Requirement: 13 years old
Participating Countries: United States, Canada and United Kingdom

I easily cash out $5.00 to $10.00 weekly with this site. I love Daily Survey Panel and it is one of my favorites for quick and easy cash.


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